Family Mediation

Attitude ++

The role of the family mediator is to help the two parts to take on a + + attitude. This means that they start to respect each other again and accept that the other person can have a different perception of the situation, other needs, just as valid as theirs.

It is not necessary to wait for a divorce to call a family mediator.

When we hear “Family Mediation”, we often think about harsh divorces, with fights and anger between both parties.
It doesn’t have to be so.
It can be much more efficient if you get the help of a mediator before the anger escalation goes too far, in order to create or reestablish a dialogue between both parties.
Furthermore, mediators do not deal with couple issues exclusively -a family mediator can also help you improve the relations you have with your teenagers, for example.

The mediator is a neutral third party who will help you find solutions and resolve conflicts, in a way which is fair for both parties.


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