If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten

Anthony Robbins

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Our mission at Lead Your Communication is to Prevent, Restructure and Cure breakdowns in communication

which poison interpersonal relationships and have actual human and economic consequences in companies. This happens through + + communication.

Gráficos - Análisis Transaccional | Lead Your Communication

A lecture in relationships created by Eric Berne, founder of Transactional Analysis.

Other attitudes towards life generate conflict and failure

Gráfico +/- de relación conflictiva  según Eric Berne | Lead Your Communication

I despise others

“‘I’m worth more than you’; ‘I know’; ‘You’re stupid…’ etc.

Gráfico -/+ de relación conflictiva  según Eric Berne | Lead Your Communication

I despise myself

‘You’re worth more than me’; ‘I’m, stupid, incompetent’

Gráfico -/- de relación conflictiva  según Eric Berne | Lead Your Communication


A challenge to be reached in a sustainable manner

I’m worth it, I respect myself
and you’re worth it, I respect you,
respect others

Respect towards yourself

This requires a personal effort of self awareness – my needs, my fears, my limits, my strengths, my qualities – knowing my personal value.

I know how to ask for what
I want, express my opinions
without fear or aggressiveness,
while respecting others

Respect towards others

I accept others with their differences, I see them, whether I understand them or not, I respect them.

Leverage to facilitate a ++ attitude

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Servicios: Horse Coaching | Lead Your Communication

Horse Coaching

Servicios: PCM | Lead Your Communication

Process Communication

Servicios: Jueggos Psicológgicos | Lead Your Communication

Psychological Games

Servicios: Co-Desarrollo| Lead Your Communication



Awareness creation

Develop &
implement changes


Horse Coaching
Process Communication Model ®
Psychological Games

Process Communication Model ®


Generate Awareness creation

Develop & implement changes


  • Horse Coaching
  • Coaching
  • Process Communication Model®
  • Psychological Games
  • Mediation
  • Coaching
  • Process Communication Model®
  • Co-development

Director of Lead Your Communication ++

Aliocha Mussy’s Life Experience

Expert in Conflict Resolution

Aliocha Mussy - Directora | Lead Your Communication

She’s French, born in Tahiti, grew up in Morocco and Ivory Coast and at the age of 13 went to live in Paris. Since 2004, she lives in Madrid.

These different stages were crucial in helping her to develop her interest and curiosity for differences and common interests between people, languages and, most of all, cultures. Make differences add up to relationships and not take away from them.

With a Postgraduate degree in International and European Law, at University Paris X and a Master in Management and International Law at ESCP in Paris, she decided to dedicate herself to corporate consultancy, focused on leadership related issues.

As a consultant, coach and mediator, she sees interpersonal communication as an essential path to find consensus in a spirit of mutual respect.

Through interpersonal communication, discovering and understanding our decision making, motivation and change levers is a fundamental step in resolving issues in the cohesion of the team; in motivation and involvement of employees, as well as for the optimization of decision making and conflict management.

Aliocha can help you in Spanish, French and English.


Xavi López

HR Management
Decathlon España

“This is sensational training. Process Communication allow you to do two things, directly applicable in both work and personal environment: Knowing yourself better and improving on an individual level and on the other hand, knowing your conversation partner better, (beit your team, a colleague, a provider etc.) to create better interpersonal relationships.
Aliocha, simply sensational: empathetic, challenging, methodological, she creates the ideal environment so you can get to your ‘real self’, bringing all technical knowledge of training to the table. I would recommend this training 100% in both work and personal environments.”

Alicia Pena Navarra

Planning, Talent Acquisition and  Development Career Manager
HD Direction at SACYR

“The horse will reveal our strengths and areas to improve. Observing the rest of the group and reactions of the animal, you discover behavioural tendencies in the work environment, replicated when achieving an objective in a different environment.
Aliocha, as a coach, brings results home and she helps you interpret them easily. Without a doubt a great tool to go in depth into leadership or even management style. At our company we’ll use it to help our leaders on their path to success. Thank you Aliocha and Lead Your Communication ++ for allowing us to live this experience.”

Hélène Lanssens

Product Director
Software company

“Although I’ve been riding horses for many years, Aliocha has shown me a side of horses I did not know. The importance ofour behaviour and the clarity of our gestures to be able to follow through with our request, without even touching the horse. Through different exercises Aliocha has guided me and was very insightful in connecting my emotions (doubts, frustrations…) during the horse coaching session with my real life (work and personal). This helped me to project what I learnt in attainable actions to improve my assertiveness. I recommend this experience to anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the impact of their behaviour on others. The response of the horse and the explanations of Aliocha don’t lie.”

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