We have all at some point heard that employees are the key to the success of a company. Why is this? Employees that are there “for the paycheck” or employees getting involved in your company are not the same. In the second case, employees will give the best of themselves and step up to make the company grow towards success. So, how to avoid losing talent in your business? Let us share some ideas.

Happy Employee, Productive Company

Unfortunately, the ideal circumstances to create this level of dedication among your employees don’t always exist. From a bad working environment with rigid leadership to micromanagement or a lack of trust in workers. Financial compensation is not the only thing employees value, a so-called “emotional salary” needs to be kept in mind. This “emotional salary” will include concepts such as work-life balance, flexibility, and fundamentally, trust. When push comes to shove, this is what determines the decision of a worker to leave, and not the project or company.

Employee Retention: Companies’ Outstanding Issue

The irony is that, when it comes to hiring people, companies are continuously raising their requirements. Nonetheless, how many seriously take care of their employees once they’ve been recruited. Meaning, if we have taken the time for a long selection process and we’ve hired the best, why don’t we spend as much time working on keeping this talent?

The great challenge in HR departments, in the last years, has been exactly this: the ability to retain the hired talent. The reason for this change is a paradigm shift. Younger generations don’t look to keep the same job during their whole career, they seek out companies where they feel fulfilled, valued and listened to. Communication and dialogue are vital here. Labour conflict mediation is a key strategy for Human Resources and can be extremely useful when it comes to retaining talent. The labour mediator, as a neutral entity, ensures both parties can explain their needs and look after their interests. In the case of there being disagreement between both parties, they will encourage dialogue and will help working towards an agreement that benefits all.

In each situation where interpersonal relationships are present, conflicts can arise. The difference is made by the way in which we seek to resolve them and this is where the true nature of the company becomes visible. Laboral mediation prevents conflict escalation and avoids the creation of a situation where the legal way is the only option left.