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To be confident and collaborative, horses need us to be assertive (“I respect myself”) and to respect them, to be clear and demanding without taking on a dominating attitude. It is an instant barometer of the + + attitude

The horse: generator of awareness in a Coaching Process

The horse questions us where needed and helps us in responding.
Genetically programmed to understand attitudes as signs of communication – they invite us to drop our masks.
The legitimacy of the manager is based on attitude, not a title.

Horse Coaching

A question of attitude

From its own animal world, the horse needs to establish a relationship of ‘SHARED CONFIDENCE’ to collaborate,
this is how it ensures survival in case of danger. Hence it is demanding in TRUST and it gives us a clear and immediate answer to our ways of establishing a relationship, proposing and managing collaboration.

Examples of good questions a leader asks


What are my authentic leadership skills?


What is my level of assertiveness?


What is my mobilization capacity to get a project done?


How cohesive are we as a team?

Horse Coaching

How do we work?

Horse Coaching - ¿Cómo trabajamos? | Lead Your Communication

1. We spend some time informing and demonstrating, afterwards we establish a relationship with a horse, in a secure way, under the supervision of an equestrian coach.

2. We debrief on the experience, analyzing what worked, what didn’t work, what can be changed and improved. Horse coaching can take place at the beginning or in the course of a coaching process.

3. We don’t mount the horse, they go freely in the riding hall.

Knowledge and experience of the equestrian world is not required to be able to have this experience.

Horse Coaching

How to experience it?


In a session of three hours

 The horse gives us the perception of our levels of:

  • Self-esteem
  • Assertiveness
  • Clarity on our requests
  • Impatience
  • Stress and emotion management
  • In the moment responses


In a session of half a day, a whole day or more depending on the goal of the session.
  • EThe horse instantly perceives issues in the group, tensions, conflicts
  • This experience opens a space of exchange among members of the group to share feedback and reflect upon their attitudes – in what measure and how do they enable or disable collaboration.
  • It clearly reinforces group cohesion, sharing an emotionally impactful experience and reinforcing collaborative intelligence.

A strong lever to develop:

Your skills as a leader, communicator and to apply fair authority (clear, demanding and without threats)


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