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++ Attitude

Taibi Kahler makes clear there can only be communication when we apply a + + communication attitude.
The moment we put a condition to our value or our conversation partners’ value, we start communicating under stress.

PCM gives us observable indicators to identify this conditioning.

New leadership styles. New levers for communication

Authoritarian leadership to make people comply doesn’t work anymore.
Leadership implies: motivation, implication, adaptation, autonomy, development… and this is achieved through our way of asking, transmitting and receiving.

Logotipo PCM - Process Communication Model | Lead Your Communication

Examples of questions to a leader


How am I going to inform John that he will not participate in this project he really hoped for (without demotivating him) ++ ?


How do I ask Rick to be stricter with his clients when all he wants to do is being liked (Motivating him to be strict) ++ ?


How do I tell Mary that her colleagues complain about her for being so demanding (Motivating change) ++?

Six personality types: six different languages

PCM - Process Communication Model | Lead Your Communication

According to PCM®, the personality structure of a person is formed by six types of personality.

Each personality type has different needs and speaks a different ‘language’. Each person has one or two types which will condition the majority of their reactions.

Thanks to Taibi Kahler, founder of the model, we discover how communication changes when we start being in distress, as well as the signals we need to detect and how we should react.

  • We will discover the process of how we communicate, how we motivate and how we go under distress.
  • We will discover how to act
  • We will know how to communicate efficiently.

And we will train ourselves until this becomes a real skill

A surprise for executives who use PCM on a daily basis

“the team dynamics changed so much! Jacob finally does what is expected when it’s expected from him! Absenteeism and presenteeism really decreased!”


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